About Us

Our website offers unique handmade pieces that will amaze and inspire every person visiting our online store.

Bazaar Celine is a marketplace powered by a global community of the region’s most preeminent designer and artists, it's a place where you can buy the most amazing, unique and inspiring products that can't be found anywhere else.

Our website is a new concept in the online world in GCC.

We offer a digital place that gathers all the talented designers and artisans under one roof to facilitate the customers buying process in many fields such as Jewellery, fashion clothing, art pieces, home decoration and accessories…etc.

Our goal is to support the skills and crafts in some industries by providing an online shopping platform that displays the work of designers, craftsmen and talented people and make it simple for the customer to navigate through it and purchase what they desire

Everyone can have special handmade products from BazaarCeline.com as we provide worldwide shipping services.

We make sure that your online shopping experience with Bazaar Celine is as unique as our products.